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About Us

In all areas of the world, civil society organisations (CSOs) work to mitigate the detrimental impacts of multiple challenges including climate change, social inequity, regional geopolitics, and extractive economic systems. While such challenges exacerbate localised experiences of health, social and environmental inequity - CSOs utilise local knowledge and resources to respond and address such challenges simultaneously. Translocal Health explores the responses of five partnership CSOs in terms of building livelihoods, well-being, environmental protection, and health to address the current and future global planetary health crises. Through using a trans-local approach, we hope to demonstrate and harness the power of acting at a local level in the midst of larger system challenges.

"Everything you do here can be replicated and done elsewhere - local ideas can help other places" Casita Huaran, Peru (2021)

Explore the interlinked challenges faced by five partnership CSOs: Ekjut, Sauti Dada Africa, Casita Huaran, HOPE and Sitka Conservation Society (SCS)
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