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Social Inequity

Many partner CSOs have raised social inequity as a central challenge encapsulating their work. Many communities that CSOs work with are the subject of long standing inequities that are the result of regional geopolitics and wealth inequality.

SCS, Alaska


Resource extraction projects which generate up to 60% of state revenue are unsustainable: in Sitka they are undermining local food security and economies for Sitka communities and contributing to inequalities. These inequities manifest in the wealth gap in Sitka, with many individuals living below the poverty line.


HOPE, Finland


 Children from families with little financial means, known in finnish as vähävarainen perhe, are at the centre of HOPE’s work. The organisation aims to take the pressure off parents by ensuring children have the resources to participate fully in their communities, peer groups and schools. Families that have been assisted often share that their children have been subject to bullying due to not having the right clothing, hobby gear – or even a hobby at all. In some cases, children also are unable to participate in school trips.

Gender Inequity

Ekjut, India faces numerous forms of gender-based violence within their work. Sauti Dada Africa works against the multiple forms of gender-based violence affecting girls in Kenya including: Female Genital Mutliation (FGM), Child Marriage, Domestic Violence.

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