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Climate Change

Climate Change is a devastating challenge in Kenya, Peru, Alaska and India. The interlinked effect of climate change on partner CSOs is characterised by extreme droughts and floods, crop failures, biodiversity loss and community displacement. Many CSOs, along with the general impacts of climate disruption, face unique challenges:

Sauti Dada Africa, Kenya


Extreme droughts and floods have impacted the working regions of Sauti Dada Africa. Lake Baringo swelled over three kilometers in the recent year, displacing more than 1000 people. Conversely, droughts are impacting the seasonal flowering of plants, resulting in the disappearance of bees to pollinate crops for communities and generate honey for women to harvest. 


Casita Huaran, Peru


Warming temperatures have resulted in a longer dry period and volatile farming yields for many communities that work with Casita Huaran. This has had a devastating impact on the health of the land, and food available to communities. 


Ekjut, India

Climate change is causing abnormal rainfall in India, causing periods of drought to become increasingly common. Unfortunately, water conservation is also compromised due to the absence of adequate water catchment management plans. 


SCS, Alaska


Climate change, logging and deforestation has significantly destroyed many habitats within the Tongass National Forest. This has threatened resources available for community livelihoods and wellbeing, and threatened the health of ecosystems through the introduction of invasive species.

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